Accepted Papers
Enhancing Personalized Recipe Recommendation Through Multi-class Classification

Harish Neelam and Koushik Sai Veerella, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA


This paper aims to address the challenge of personalized recipe recommendation in the realm of diverse culinary preferences. The problem domain involves recipe recommendations, utilizing techniques such as association analysis and classification. Association analysis explores the relationships and connections between different ingredients to enhance the user experience. Meanwhile, the classification aspect involves categorizing recipes based on user-defined ingredients and preferences. A unique aspect of the paper is the consideration of recipes and ingredients belonging to multiple classes, recognizing the complexity of culinary combinations. This necessitates a sophisticated approach to classification and recommendation, ensuring the system accommodates the nature of recipe categorization. The paper seeks not only to recommend recipes but also to explore the process involved in achieving accurate and personalized recommendations.


Data Mining, Ingredients, Association rules, Classification, Recommendations, Recipes, Apriori, FP Growth, Networks, Similarity Scores, Filtering.

Securing Digital Identities: the Synergy of Information Technology Security, Trust, and Privacy

Damodar Selvam, Independent Researcher, USA


The convergence of information technology (IT) security, trust, and privacy has emerged as a fundamental paradigm in the digital era, especially concerning the management of digital identities. This paper explores the complex interplay among these spheres, explaining how their fusion can bolster the safeguarding of digital identities. By analysing current patterns, technological progress, and prevailing obstacles, the article seeks to offer a thorough comprehension of the convergence and its consequences. The results underscore efficient tactics and frameworks that enrich the security, reliability, and confidentiality of digital identities, ultimately fostering more resilient digital environments.


Digital Identity, Blockchain Security, Biometric Authentication, Homomorphic Encryption.

Taxonomy of Boiga Beddomei (Wall, 1909) Colubridae: Serpentes From Anaikatty Hills, Western Ghats, India

Pulkit Sharma1, Debanik Mukherjee1, M. Vijay2, 1centre for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystems, University of Delhi, Delhi – 110 007, India, 2regional Museum of Natural History, Mysore – 570 011, Karnataka, India


Beddome’s Cat Snake, Boiga beddomei (Wall, 1909)is largelydistributed and restricted to southern Western Ghats and also reported from Anaikatty Hills. This species may be taxonomically distinguished from its sympatric congeners by dorsal pholidosis count: 19: 19: 13; 7-8 supralabials; 3rd, 4th and 5thsupralabials in contact with orbit; ventral 241-246 and 95-107 paired subcaudals.


Taxonomy, Redescription, Colubrids, Deciduous Forest, Western Ghats, India.

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